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Reading Room
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Reading Room


Anybody who is interested in history can do research in the Prague City Archives. Loaning records in the Reading Room is a public service which is free of charge. When you visit our Reading Room, you have to present your passport and fill in a Form of Research where is necessary to write down a topic of your interest. When you sign the form it automatically means, that you agree with the Research Guidelines (Regulation No. 645/2004 Coll., Appendix No. 3) which you can also find on the notice board in the Reading Room.

  Research Guidelines (PDF, 53 kB)

Searching for records and ordering them

Before you enter the Reading Room you should know something about fonds and collections in the database Archive Groups in the Czech Republic. There you can get to know where required records are located and whether they are open to the public. If they are located in the Prague City Archives, you can search for detailed information about these records or even their digitalized reproduction in the on-line catalogue. It is possible to use printed finding aids of accessible archive groups in the Reading Room as well. Not all the records are acccesible to the public. Some of them are in the process of being arranged, therefore they cannot be ordered. However you can ask for an exception in some cases, if you apply for it.


If the records are located in the head office of Archives (Chodovec) we can present them within 3 days. If they are not there it takes longer (1 to 4 weeks). Records are presented only in the Reading Room and it is not allowed to carry them away (out of the Reading Room). During your research it is necessary to protect the records against damage, e. g. it is compulsory to use foam stands for volumes. When doing your excerpts from records you are only allowed to use a pencil or your laptop. Ordered records will be reserved for you for only 30 days after your last visit. Then they will be returned to the depository.

Digital and microfilm copies

Many archival documents, which are damaged and have not been restored yet, are not possible to loan under any circumstances however their microfilm copies are (e.g. Collection of Parish and Civil Registers). If you want to loan a microfilm copy, you have to book a microfilm reader.

You can also use digital copies of those records that cannot be lent to you in their originals, because they are not in a good state. They are mainly digitalized graphics sheets, engravings, medals, seals and stamps, the oldest documents on parchment, armorial and guild documents, Prague Registration Forms (1830-1910), Parish and Civil Registers and some manuscripts. These copies are available only in the Prague City Archives Reading Room.

Making copies of records and other services

Many services provided in the Reading Room are free of charge except for making copies of records and giving a single-use copyright. There is a charge of those two services according to the Price list. If the nature and condition of the records permit, you can order their photocopy (xerox copy) or digital copy. You can also use your own cameras if you fill in a special application form and obey the rules in the Reading Room.

  Request to use personal copying equipment (PDF, 61 kB)

Important notice

Before you visit our reading room, please contact us on phone or via e-mail to book a place in the reading room. We can also answer your possible inquiries.

Phone number: +420-236 004 012