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Archiv hlavniho mesta Prahy
(Prague City Archives)
Archivni 6, 149 00 Praha 4 (Prague 4)

Phone: +420-23600 1111
Phone Registry: +420-23600 4017
Phone Reading Room: +420-23600 4012
Fax: +420-23600 7100

Capital City of Prague


Copies and copyright

Copying services

If possible given the condition and type of the relevant archival material, the Prague City Archives provides photographic, micrographic, digital and electrographic copies (xerox copies). The price list includes only the items the Prague City Archives are able to technically provide.

Price list

Copy services order form 

The Applicant must state in the order form the exact information on the archival materials the copies of which are requested (the collection, time span, call number, inventory number, folio number, page). These data can be found in the online catalogue.

Payment and delivery:

The Applicant shall be notified in writing that the copies are available (within 60 days at the latest) and informed on the method of payment.
Method of payment and collection :

  • Personal collection of the copies in the Prague City Archives Registry: cash payment.
  • Sending of copies by mail: payment by bank transfer (exact instructions are specified in the written notice). The shipment shall be dispatched immediately after the payment is credited to the account of the Prague City Hall.

Please note:

We do not accept credit cards or cheques. In case of payments from abroad, the payer shall settle all bank transfer fees. The payment shall be considered to be settled solely if settled in full.

Consent to one-off use of copies of archival materials

Before you publish copies of the documents deposited in the Prague City Archives, you have to ask the Prague City Archives for permission of reproduction or for grant of a One-time Right of Reproduction.

Orders of copies and Agreements to Permit Reproduction and to Grant a One-time Right of Reproduction shall be submitted in writing or in electronic format to the City of Prague Archives Registry.

Postal address:

Archiv hlavniho mesta Prahy
Archivni 6
149 00 Praha 4
Czech Republic

Email: posta@praha.eu


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