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Archiv hlavniho mesta Prahy
(Prague City Archives)
Archivni 6, 149 00 Praha 4 (Prague 4)

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Capital City of Prague


Research guide

Search for collections in the Czech Republic:

The initial information on the existence and location of the collection you are looking for is to be found in the Czech Archival Collections Database  of the Czech Ministry of Interior.  The necessary addresses and contacts of the Archives in the Czech Republic are to be found e.g. in the directory of the Czech Archive Society.

The Prague City Archives contains:

archival collections produced by entities (authorities, institutions, companies, schools and other legal entities and individuals) active on the territory of the City of Prague. These are namely:

  • Prague municipal authorities (after 1945 merged with the State  Administration);
  • Regional government authorities and State Administration authorities on the territories which became part of the City of  Prague in 1922;
  • Judicial authorities;
  • Primary and high schools and certain abolished universities;
  • Parish authorities (including collections of parish records);
  • Corporations and hobby associations;
  • City enterprises and certain state enterprises.

Catalogue - a database of collections, holdings and electronic aids of the Prague City Archives

Other materials documenting the history of the City of Prague can also be found in:

  • The National Archives (namely the documents of the central government authorities covering the entire Czech Republic  - i.e. ministries, central committees of hobby associations, archives of religious orders and congregations, etc.) see : www.nacr.cz;
  • The Regional State Archives in Prague (collections of regional authorities, state and tax administration authorities and institutions, mining and judicial authorities; collections of large Prague companies and financial institutions, archives of aristocratic houses and their manors in Central Bohemia); see: www.soapraha.cz.
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