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Archiv hlavniho mesta Prahy
(Prague City Archives)
Archivni 6, 149 00 Praha 4 (Prague 4)

Phone: +420-23600 1111
Phone Registry: +420-23600 4017
Phone Reading Room: +420-23600 4012
Fax: +420-23600 7100

Capital City of Prague


The catalogue

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The Catalogue of the Prague City Archives is an internet guide to the archive collections and fonds of the Prague City Archives. All types of archival materials (documents, registers, official records, publications, maps, photographs etc.) are categorized in archival groups denominated "archive collections" and "archive fonds" - the basic units of archival organisation. VadeMeCum enables you to search these collections and fonds for the information you need by thematic groups, or directly by the names of the collections or their authors. For files which have already been processed and are available to the public, finding aids are available. The levels of detail of the information on the archival documents contained in this catalogue differ according to the status of processing of the specific archival file and/or the type of the finding aid, ranging from a simple entry to a detailed description and transcription of the text of the relevant document.

Moreover, digital copies (images) of archival materials are being added to the text database aids on a continuous basis; these can be studied online, thus almost fully replacing the need to research originals which always implies personal presence of the Researcher in the Reading Room. The Prague City Archives VadeMeCum Database is protected by the Copyright Act as amended, and may be freely used in the extent defined therein. Publication of any text from the Database is possible solely if each quotation is duly identified. Any use of digital images for other than personal purposes (e.g. for publication, exhibition, commercial or other purposes) shall be possible solely on the basis of a previously concluded Agreement to Permit Reproduction and to Grant a One-time Right of Reproduction, signed by the Director of the Prague City Archives.

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