Prague City Archives

Archiv hlavniho mesta Prahy
(Prague City Archives)
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Capital City of Prague


Parish and civil registers
tel.: +420-236 004 012 e-mail:

The list of registers is available in the PDF format. After opening and expanding the "bookmarks" it is possible to skim through the chapters of individual churches.

When ordering the registers, please always specify the call number of the volume, the time span it covers and the information on the type of the register. In case of microfilms, please state also the number of the archival box.

Explanatory notes:
Call number (e.g. DUCH N1) contains the abbreviation of the parish district, type of the records ("N" indicates births, "O" indicates marriages, "Z" indicates deaths) and serial number.
The type of register available is mentioned in the last column of the list of registers : "M" indicates that a microfilm copy of this register is available (the last column indicates its location). "D" indicates that a digital copy of the relevant register is available on the screens in the Reading Room. "KNIHA" -  indicates an original register which must be ordered with a 3-days notice (Reading Room). „POSKOZ" - indicates original registers which are physically damaged and cannot be made available in the Reading Room. You can order a free microfilm copy (the delivery time depends on the workload of the  photographic workshop by the time you submit your order).


Catholic registers
Inner Prague districts
    Houses falling under the parish jurisdictions - listed by Land Registry numbers  (PDF, 110 kB)
    Old Town  (PDF, 158 kB)
    New Town  (PDF, 150 kB)
    Lesser Town  (PDF, 95 kB)
    Hradcany  (PDF, 77 kB)
    Vysehrad  (PDF, 68 kB)

Registers of outer Prague districts 
    Municipalities surrounding Prague  (PDF, 349 kB)
    Alphabetic list of parish jurisdictions of the municipalities surrounding Prague  (PDF, 79 kB)

Other than catholic churches
    Registers of other churches  (PDF, 81 kB)

Civil registers
    Civil registers  (PDF, 77 kB)