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Pražský sborník historický / The Prague Historical Review
tel.: +420-236 004 943 e-mail: psh.redakce@praha.eu

About the Journal

Pražský sborník historický / The Prague Historical Review is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the Prague City Archives and included in the European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences. It was founded in 1964 in succession to the previously published Homeland Study Proceedings (1962-1963).

The Prague Historical Review is issued with a yearly periodicity and publishes original, peer-reviewed articles focussed on the history of Prague. While being foremost an urban history journal, contributions also include research articles from a range of related disciplines, like history of art, architecture, literature, archaeology, and other humanities. On a biennial basis, the Review presents an extensive survey of current archaeological research in Prague.

The Review also contains a lively review section that focusses on the history of Prague, on urban history in general, and on a wider range of historical literature connected to the history of the Czech lands. In order to promote discussions about the latest literature in the field, the review section is additionally being published online.

Original contributions are published in Czech, German, or English, and are accompanied by an abstract in English as well as a German language résumé (or a Czech résumé in the case of foreign language publications). Each issue includes a list of authors, author affiliations and addresses.

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The Prague Historical Review
Prague City Archives
Archivní 6
149 00 Prague 4
Email: psh.redakce@email.czpsh.redakce@praha.eu
+420-23600-4943 Olga Fejtova (editor-in-chief)

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