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Archiv hlavniho mesta Prahy
(Prague City Archives)
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Capital City of Prague


Documenta Pragensia
tel.: +420-236 004 943 e-mail: dp.redakce@praha.eu

About the Journal

The peer-reviewed journal Documenta Pragensia has been issued annually by the Prague City Archives since 1980. It publishes original articles on a wide range of topics in the field of comparative Central-European urban history. Generally, the volumes are based on the annual international conferences organized by the Prague City Archives in cooperation with partner institutions from the Czech Republic and abroad. These monothematic volumes are complemented by the peer-reviewed series Documenta Pragensia Supplementa, published once a year and containing various essays on urban history. The peer-reviewed book series Documenta Pragensia Monographia publishes both critical editions of sources and monographs on the history of Prague.

The contributions are published in Czech, Slovak, Polish, German, and English and are equipped with a compendious summary in a world language. Each issue includes a list of authors, author affiliations and addresses. Since 2011, the journal Documenta Pragensia has been included into the European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences (ERIH), nowadays ERIH PLUS.

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Documenta Pragensia
Prague City Archives
Archivní 6
149 00 Prague 4
Email: dp.redakce@praha.eu
Phone Numbers:
+420-23600-4943 Olga Fejtová (Documenta Pragensia, editor-in-chief)
+420-23600-4021 Kateřina Jíšová (Documenta Pragensia Supplementa)
+420-23600-4058 Václav Ledvinka (Documenta Pragensia Monographia)

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