Archiv hlavního města Prahy

Archiv hlavního města Prahy
Archivní 6, 149 00 Praha 4

Tel. ústředna: 23600 1111
Tel. podatelna: 23600 4017
Tel. studovna: 23600 4012
Fax: 23600 7100

Hlavní město Praha

Konferenz 2009: Europäische Großstädte zwischen dem Ende des Zweiten Weltkrieges und dem Ende des Kalten Kriegs weiter ] »
Conference 2009: European cities within the period of the World War II´s end up to the Cold War´s end (1945-1989) more ] »

We are sorry. English version will be available in March 2009.

Prague City Archives
Archivni 6, 149 00 Prague 4

switchboard: +420-23600 1111
registry: +420-23600 4017
study-room: +420-23600 4012

Prague City Archives is one of the oldest archive institutions in the Czech Republic. Its mission is to gather and preserve historical documents of official and non-official nature which provide witness reports about the past of our metropolis from the medieval beginnings of city life up to the threshold of today.

Prague City Archives is accredited communal archives (pursuant to Act No. 499/2004, on Archives and Records Management) that falls organizationally under Prague City Hall as one of its departments.