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Hlavní město Praha


Prague City Archives
Institut for International Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles Univesity in Prague
Evropské město (European City)

European cities within the period of the World War II´s end up to the Cold War´s end (1945-1989)


The knock-on effects of the World War II were evident in the majority of larger European cities albeit in different dimensions. These effects, their removal and sorting became the task for more than one generation. Despite the fact that post-war decades in various regions of continental Europe developed on opposing lines, we can in fact spotlight surprising parallels occuring during the Cold War period. Both western and eastern cities were made bereft of their community businesses and property; became increasingly more bound to state financing rather than executive communal spheres or firms traditionally firmed to the cities. The transformation of city society brought about huge levels of both immigration and emigration, corollary belonging to both socialist and non-socialist Europe as is with the problems seen inside social ghettoes and slums.

Certain parallels can be seen in urban and / or architectural reactions alongside the everyday qualitative reactions of the city society. At the same time we are shown the consequences of the changing role, position, conscious, social surroundings and priorities of the cities, the majority of which are not to be found within the causes of shifts and changes.

Within our dealings with regard to Prague´s post-war history and her contemporaries we intend to home in on the following inquiries:

  • the true meaning of self-administration in calibration with the role of the state growth; practial decision making with regard to third party influences
  • the key business difficulties experienced within these cities
  • the mass levels of immigration and emigration
  • the social and professional transformation of post-war cities´ population
  • the intelectual, educational, religious and informative multifunctionality of the cities
  • the continuity / discontinuity: past cultural tradition; renewal, mainteneace / devastation of historical cores, histotical structure and architecture
  • the state politics in relation to the city.

We would appreciate it, if potential conference participants dealt with individual themes having undertaken empirical research. This conference, traditionally organised by the Prague City Archives in co-operation with the Institute of the International Studies FSS CU Prague has a precise and clear aim: the comprehension of Prague´s and her contemporaries post-war development within a wider European framework.

Allow us to cordially invite you to sep up with relevant application contributions for this conference. Along with the title of your planned contribution please include its abstract in standard form (half a page extent). The conference organisers reserve absolute right in the selection process.

On behalf of the organisers,
Doc. PhDr. Václav Ledvinka, CSc.
Prof. PhDr. Jiří Pešek, CSc.

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Relevant information:

  • Applications are to be sent at the latest till April 15th, 2009
  • Applications without the abstracts will not be considered
  • There is no charge for participation
  • Foreign active participants will be provided  under the umbrella of the organisation with accommodation
  • All transportation fees are to be met by participants
  • Conference languages: Czech, English, German
  • Length of the contribution: 15 – 20 min.

Term of the conference:

October 6th – 7th, 2009

Place of the dealings:

Clam-Gallas Palace 20, Husova street, 110 00
Prague 1, Czech Republic


Mgr. Lucie Procházková (Ms.)
Prague City Archives
6, Archivní str.
149 00 Prague 4
Czech Republic
phone No. (+420) 236 00 4062

Application form:

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